Cooperation - the 1980s

New production equipment purchased for the domestic manufacturer, high quality of produced pumps for independent heaters and specific situation resulted in the Jablonec nad Nisou-based company exporting its pumps to Esslingen. Another company, the then Jiskra Tábor, produced glow plugs for Eberspächer.

The Tatra 700 – until the last breath

The Tatra 700 was perhaps the only passenger car in the world which, although fitted with an air-cooled engine, was equipped with both independent heater and air-conditioning. The hot-air independent heater and modern air-conditioning do not go together due to their control. In the case of the Tatra 700, however, this problem has been successfully solved. Also in this achievement Eberspächer played its role.

The Velvet Revolution - shortly after

Czechia through the sales agency of company Svoboda involved in independent heaters. In November 1992 the division of exhaust systems founded its own company, Eberspächer CS, spol. s r.o. Later, it started the production in Rakovník.


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