History of Eberspächer in the Czech Lands

  The company Eberspächer had connections with the Pilsen-based Škoda already before World War I, in the late 1920s its daughter company WEMA operated in Prague. The first references to cooperation with Czech car factories come from 1942, Eberspächer independent heaters were fitted to first Tatra 603 cars, and even at the time of hard socialism a production cooperation appeared between Autobrzdy and Eberspächer, which was an absolutely unique relationship at the time. Today, Eberspächer has its second largest foreign factory in Rakovník.

WEMA - the 1930s

The building of WEMA, Eberspächer daughter company, was built at the beginning of the 1930s in Prague. It still exists, with its original roofing and rooflights.


Refurbished WEMA buildings still exist in Prague. The rooflights and supporting roof construction is still the same even after three quarters of a century.

Drawings of the Prague WEMA workshop from 1930.

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